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Prefecture of region, Bordeaux is a large town in southwestern France, located in the department of Gironde and the Aquitaine region.
It is part of the Urban Community of Bordeaux.
The people of Bordeaux are called les Bordelais and Les Bordelaises.
The 235,891 inhabitants of the city of Bordeaux live on a total area of ​​49 km2 with a density of 4,814 inhabitants per km2 and an average altitude of 16 m.

Since the last census from 2005 to 2015, the population has increased from 215,374 to 235,891 and has increased sharply by 9.53 per cent.

The neighboring towns are Le Bouscat, Talence, Cenon, Begles, Floirac.
The closest railway station to Bordeaux is Bordeaux (Bordeaux Saint-Jean), Bordeaux (Caudéran-Mérignac), Bordeaux (Ravezies).
The city of Bordeaux is home to 362 historic monuments and 7 museums.
The current mayor of the city of Bordeaux is Alain Juppé.
The history of Bordeaux begins during the reign of the Romans who make it one of the 14 great cities of Aquitaine Seconde. It is called Burdigala at that time.
It quickly became a Christianized city in spite of the barbarian invasions before belonging to the Franks, then to Charlemagne which develops it by establishing it capital of Aquitaine.

Bordeaux experienced véllées of independence in trying to create an urban republic. The project fails under the impetus of Philippe le Bel. It is only later that the city takes a commercial boom of great importance with exports of wine to England and trade to the West Indies and West Africa.

The Bordelais have two major economic engines: its port and the vineyard. Its port was originally a source of international trade and was gradually transformed into an oil port. Its wines are known throughout the world with great wines from grape varieties such as Lafite Rotschild, Château d'Yquem, Château Petrus or Haut-Brion.

The city which was rebuilt under the mandate of Alain Juppé is today equipped with a very modern tramway and urban road infrastructures that make its access fluid. You can visit the remains of the Roman arena, various baroque churches and abbeys and the cathedral. Bordeaux is also adorned with numerous squares such as the Place de Tourny or the Place de la Comédie.

Beautiful, intelligent and sunny, Bordeaux has entered the 21st century firmly determined to find a new youth. With conviction and talent, the city is redesigned around a major urban project that gives its inhabitants the pleasure of living in the city and creates the conditions for a new collective economic, social and cultural development. Quoted in the prestigious past, tourist and economic metropolis, world wine capital, university and research center, city of festivities and flavors.

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